The wrong time to cancel

Been refining (redoing) plans for my trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest — which now includes a detour to my dear cousin Ted’s wedding in Puerto Vallarta. It’s getting a little crazy.

The process has reminded me of the various ways you can fall into potholes during the booking process. And one, in particular, I’d like to pass along.  It has to do with those pesky cancellation windows.

Don’t be lulled by assurances you can book something and can always change it. There’s probably some kernel of truth in these statements, but look closely at the fine print. Sometimes there’s not even fine print, though…

I was booking a hotel in Paris and had until midnight to cancel. But when I attempted to cancel, I was informed the deadline for cancellation had passed. It was definitely before midnight — in the United States, that is. Not where the booking had been made, however: The discount booking agent was apparently somewhere in Asia!

I fought it (and won).

Just sayin’, be careful.

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