The Dr. makes zoom calls

Wasn’t sure I should go into what could be the eye of a hurricane — a Great Big Crystal Run Healthcare Facility — to see my asthma doc. After all, isn’t this where people with COVID go?

Anyway, they’ve set it up like my veterinarian did weeks ago: Sit in your car, they’ll come get you when it’s your turn. They’ll only take some kinds of payment (this is a  key part of your visit, the copay. And actually, I am happy to support these workers).

I decided telemed was the method. So I am zooming with my doctor, when he arrives at the Great Big Crystal Run Healthcare Facility today.

The nurse has already “come in” and done her knowledge-gathering in preparation for my audience with The Doctor. I dusted off my handy dandy CVS sphygmomanometer and took my own blood pressure (four times, till it was where I wanted it) and took my heart rate and when she called I supplied the data. She asked for my weight.  Ha ha. Ha.

Weird, but not as weird as the everything of right now.

Waiting for the zoom link from my doctor. Meantime, I should probably go brush my hair.

(I break for zooming)

Well, that worked. (Sadly, I’m good at zoom.)

My doctor said 40 mg of prednisone a day, which is keeping my breathing under control.  is too much, really. It could work against me in COVIDWORLD.

So I’m going to start this new drug, this once a month (I think) injection that costs just $5000 a pop. (the copay was $3000, but I got a scholarship).

Anyway, I’m going in tomorrow to get it. I’m wearing a mask. Ersatz Hazmat outfit — I’m sure there’s something in my closet, or garage. Maybe I’ll double-mask it.

I wanted them to give me the shot in my car but they said no.

An outing! I can’t wait.


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