A picture’s worth more now

My phone camera was full up. Not one … more … photo, it said, digging in its little android  data heels,  until you get rid of some.

Yeah, annoying. But again in these times, the pause and reset button was a lesson for which i can now be grateful.

I started scrolling

Images flashed before my eyes.

The past. Some of it distant, some not.

Here, OMG, imahgesa of the beaiutiful crazy barn where we used to take classes. Pictures not more than two months old.  Try weeding them down — but every one, even the blurry ones — seemed,  important.

And here, pictures from a friend’s wedding. I always meant to send her photos of the two French bull terriers who had attended. But the first photo I saw was from our table, our friends — and in the foreground, a friend who last week died from the virus.

He is smiling , his gray blue eyes the focus — the main source of light — in the picture.

It was hard to look. But then I am glas I did. so glad I found that photo — and several more like it.

I told myu friend. It was her daughter’s wedding. She said she wanted to see the photos. I am grateful to have once again stumbled on a breath-catching discovery.

People say “send me the photos.” I have a hard time sending “the photos.” Caiuse I take a lot, and then, well, I’ve always had a hard time kist picking “your best four or five.

So I remembered i have Dropbox. The supersize one. 2 terrabytes!   For someone like me, Dropnox is a godsend.  I don’t have to decide whether to send the  image of the woman with the intriguing half-smile, and the one with her chasing me with the stick after I’d taken one too many shots. 

I used to visutally trudge through my phone deleting photos, choosing betweeen details I could barely see. I used to bulk load them onto my laptop, which took a lot time, crapped out in the middle, and eventually exploded the laptop.

Now I put the dropbox app on my Samsung Galazy Note and i hit the plus sign to “add files” and Boom. they’re added. In fact. They’re being added as I type this. So I’m sweatily killing off photos when I get to whole bunches of them 


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