Month: April 2020

Staying the cosmic course

I’ve been taking a nine month, 200-hour yoga teacher training course. Since, what was it, November?  I didn’t want to be a teacher. I just wanted to dive into the yoga, I don’t want to say “dive deep” or any other buzz phras.  Because I want it to not be so easy.  I want to…

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Come Together

What’re you doing right now?  I know you’re not busy – unless you’re an epidemiologist looking for a cure. Then stay at it,  give me your address, and we’ll all send you No-Doz. The rest of you guys, join us for a global meditation for world peace at 5:30 today, Friday, day whatever of the…

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No greater love

I feel bad. Guilty,  It can’t be helped, sort of. I am a sitting duck, according to statistics. I check√√ off all the at-risk boxes on the COVID hit list √ I am old, according to #coronavirus. √  I am medically compromised —  asthma. √  I get no sleep. √ I am always stressed. √…

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