Month: May 2020

Sign of the times

I love this sign.Love, too, that it’s anonymous.   We’re setting up a forum so we can all share. So be on the lookout. His latest work is A Life Well-Lived, a selection of photos and stories of people across Nebraska highlighting their stories from the past 70 years. These are photographs and stories of…

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It’s all good weather

People talk about the weather. But today nature gave us some weather we really should talk about.  Here in the Hudson Valley, we woke up to snow on the ground (and the patio umbrellas and poor daffodils, which have a hard time keeping their heads up as it is). It’s flippin’ mid-May, OK?? Then, as I’m…

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Hands off the sanitizer

Really? Has it come to this? Hand sanitizer under lock and key? I saw  on my way out of the big  medical facility where my doctor works.  The telltale pump, sticking out of some sort casing. I approached slowly, fearing an alarm might go off if I got too close.  Nothing happened. Except I had…

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