A sign for these nail-biting times

20200528_150806 (1)Corinne Courtney puts her heart and soul into Nailed It, the hardware store she  established  in our  little town of Washingtonville, N.Y., in 2015. I  know this because when I interviewed her for a story when I worked at the Times Herald Record  last year, her dedication was palpable.   She thinks hard about everything aspect of her business, from where she sources the hardware she stocks to how she can good for the community.

That thoughtfulness isn’t confined to her retail and workshop space.  Its spills out to the building’s facade (kind of a misnomer here) where she regularly  extends   an uplifting or encouraging message to passers- and driversby.20200528_150654

She does think for quite a while about what she wants to convey there. So when I drove by and saw her latest writing on the wall, I had to pull over.

Perfect for this pivotal, and very nerve-wracking, moment in time.

She nailed it.

COVID-19 The bright side

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