A simple gesture of peace

So if you’ve been sitting around your house feeling distant, disparate, dissociated, detached — helpless about all the hideousness and hate and chaos that seems to be flying around the world today, I just thought of something:


Holly Joy at Shaker Smoothies in Washingtonville is “all about peace.”

A gesture.

Been hanging out with my tribe at the Body Art Barn, which is still off limits, but we’ve been doing safe social distance yoga and satsang (talking, but in a sanskrit sorta way) outside in back. And we are all so frustrated about the outpourings of hatred, and we are all so hoping, for the outpouring of the peace we all believe will be the one thing, the important thing, and the true thing to get us through.

In our little circle.

But of course, it only takes one person to be a group, or start a revolution.

And I’m telling you this because with my peeps, my tribe at the barn, my fellow yogis in the yoga teacher trainer program, there is acceptance. There is hope. There is a fervent belief in what the spirit can do.  There’s a lot of “yes.” Yes about the future, yes about being ourselves, yes about ideas.

Mostly, we want kindness, and peace, and unity, to catch on.

So we were leaving today and as a fellow yogi, in the car in front of me, made a left in front of me, and went on her way home, I waved her a goodbye.

In the form of a peace sign.

What? Where did that come from?

OK, a sixties thing. But things got pretty hippie-headed in our yoga class today. Michelle, our yoga  poohbah, is a full-blown, self-confessed hippie chick.

I was, but never painted my face, had flowers in my hair, or wanted to be called a hippie chick.

I just was all for peace.

A FedEx driver pulled over, flashed a peace sign back!

Now, I don’t care. Call me whatever. There is nothing funny, or weird, about peace love and understanding.

So I guess something inside pulled out a good old hippie-esque peace sign to flip.

After which, I thought: ‘Well, this would be good. ‘

So I started flipping the two-finger peace sign on the country road on my way home. I saw a couple of quizzical looks, and one or two drivers smile.

Then I went into town and flipped it. And people started flippin’ it back.

A  FedEx guy.

Holly Joy, the owner of Shaker Smoothies, outside her store. Who said she is “all about peace.”

They remembered.

They smiled.

Maybe they’ll pass it along.

It’s easy. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for peace. Next time you’re driving, stick your hand out the window, and flash a peace sign to anyone. And everyone.

In times like these, it could be a very healing gesture.

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