I’m counting on you

knockingToday I will become a census-taker.

I got hired  for the job just as COVID was revving up in New York. The census operation was suspended — like most everything everywhere — for months. When last  I reported in on the job status, I’d been called in to Office Depot — mask and gloves at the ready — to get photographed and fingerprinted.

That was two months ago.

Now it’s a case of wait and hurry up, apparently. The bureau (sounds mysterious, right?) called a couple of days ago and said we need you out there knocking on doors ASAP.

So I have an appointment today to get my badge, my forms signed, my introductions made – in other words, to get official.

I’ll be a government worker.


They said I wouldn’t get paid mileage going to the regional office to get this stuff done. But once sworn in and official, I’d get 57 cents a mile for the ride home. Plus the $$$ for the time in training.

So soon I’ll feel employed!

I have no idea what to expect today. The first thing – the first image – that comes to mind when I think “census-taker” is me knocking on a door wearing my face mask so I already look like some sort of nefarious character, and the person on the other side peering out, then slamming the door in my obfuscated face. And this is a best-case scenario.

It’ll be an adventure, for sure.

And though the job does have a nerve-wracking component, mostly I’m looking forward to it because it’ll be good to have some structure in my life again.

Because over all these months, my day has gotten pretty… amorphous.

I’ve always needed deadlines, endpoints. Yeah, a hate-love thing.

I don’t like to just pass time, kill time, even “span time” (my favorite “Buffalo 66” quote.) But especially in these COVID times, the time has become abundant, and letting it just pass is a real source of … angst.

But just getting the call about starting the census job made me start to organize. Write down all my future doctor’s appointments, put together all the stuff I need to return to Amazon. Figure out what days I can take Belle for laser therapy for her aching back.

It reminded me of those good old days (decades) as a travel writer. When, on the days leading up to a trip, I would start making lists, getting organized, getting things done. Sure, I was still throwing things in my suitcase as my husband drove me to the airport, but hey, I was going. There would be liftoff.

A new adventure.

Like today.

Another day, another chance to remember to make every moment count.
I’ll let you know how it goes…

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