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I have two passions: animals and words. And I have managed to spend most of my life combining those two lvoes, using words to create awareness, to touch hearts, to help alleviate suffering, and to just make the world a kinder kind of place fdor all living things. I spent more than 30 years as a jo0urnalist at The Bergen Record newspaper, and have t a lifetime een using the power of words to XXX

Boom time for doggies

I love fireworks. But I don’t usually attend 4th of July displays — I stay home to hold my dogs’ paw. Sure, fireworks are spectacular. Visually, I mean. I don’t get the big noise thing, thing. I can understand that a good BOOOOM scares off evil spirits. It’s just not a pleasant sound. At least we humans…

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Smell-free tee

[Noisome Foo Fighters T-shirt, Chapter 2] Kept opening the dryer door and sniffing. The T-shirt seemed smell-free, but just to make sure I put it on and went outside to let it (and me) breathe. Love this band, love the heart, (25th anniv. edition of One by One, BTW). All’s well — though the package…

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Tibet House meets my house

Less than an hour to the 34th Annual Benefit for Tibet House. I’m there — again. It’s an amazing, uplifting night. Some of my favorite musicians — Patti Smith (and daughter Jesse Paris Smith), Laurie Anderson (also channeling her late-husband Lou Reed, Iggy Pop (cleans up pretty good) and this year Eddie Vedder, Annie Lennox,…

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Where have all the snowmen gone?

So there’s big snow here in the Northeast. Up here, in the Hudson Valley, up to 3 feet.I see lots of video, lots of reporting, on people shoveling. But where are the snowmen? The snowforts? The snowball fights? The sledding? Nature has delivered primo conditions for all of the above. Are kids (of all ages)…

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Knocked out

Every morning was like Christmas morning. I’d get up and first thing look at my census cellphone. It would say “You have received work for today.” I’d log in and BLAM-o, I’d have like 75 cases. A ridiculous amount, I began to understand. I could do maybe 20 a day if I was lucky and…

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Not counting on this

I love my job, and not just because every address, every door, is an adventure. I love it too because the journey, the space between addresses, every step along the way is an opportunity for a memorable moment. (I know life’s a journey, yadayada — but getting out of your comfort zone — and this…

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Knock out?

Mostly, all those preconceived notions of danger and nastiness behind the doors I knock on have not materialized. People are at least civil. Often warm. Surprisingly kind. As I’ve said before, I love this job. But (ah, the bu) I’m starting think, from a couple of recent encounters that maybe the honeymoon is over.   The first sour…

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